Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București

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What is Thinkering?


Thinkering is an idea-exchange community designed to bring together creative people from various fields in order to facilitate interdisciplinary work.


Today's educational system portrays some part of a past rationality: an austere, even unyielding attitude towards knowledge. Both high schools and universities lack an interdisciplinary method of making information reliable. Thinkering's goal is set on bringing together students belonging to different fields of study and developing a cultural and educational community based on interdisciplinary work and creativity.



Until now we had the honour of listening and meeting

the following speakers:

Paula Herlo

A Senior Correspondent and Producer for „România, te iubesc!” („Romania, I Love You!”) News Magazine, Paula Herlo, delivers every Sunday journalistic investigations on critical issues of Romanian society.
Paula Herlo has been working with Pro TV News since 1998, and has constantly built a highly regarded professional profile. 
Her devotion in reporting and designing the News Campaign, "Any Idea What Your Kid Is Doing Right Now?" would bring Pro TV News the much-coveted International Emmy Award for Outstanding News, in New York.

She kept coordinating social campaigns for News such as "There’s Life In Our Blood" and "I Want Parents, Too" which led to establishing the National Unrelated Donors’ Registry and modifying the Adoption Act, respectively; "Be Healthy, Romania!", which described the National Health System’s own diseases, and the 2014 "Any Idea What Your Parents Are Doing Right Now?" which pictured – for the first time – the life of the lonely elderly.

Paula Herlo is also a busy volunteer with „Dăruiește Viață” Association. 
Backed by campaigns on Pro TV News, the Association raised 3 million Euros, later invested in Romanian hospitals for the benefit of cancer patients.
Part of the money funded the first Molecular Cytogenetics Laboratory in Romania, that precisely diagnoses forms of cancer. Other sums endowed the ICU of Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Timișoara, where a stem cell bank was also equipped.
With another two million Euros raised, the Association tripled the marrow bone transplant capabilities in three hospitals: the Fundeni and University ER in Bucharest and Louis Țurcanu in Timișoara.
Consistent amounts were also invested in up-to-date equipment for Polizu Neonatology Ward.


You can find more about her on her website.

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Ioana Măgureanu

Ioana Măgureanu (MA at Courtauld Institute of Art in London, PhD at National University of Arts in Bucharest) is assistant professor of Renaissance and seventeenth century history and theory of art at the National University of Arts in Bucharest.

Her current research examines the connections between art theory and science and the debate about the epistemic potential of images in the early modern era. 
She is also working on an anthology of translations from ”Seicento” Italian art theory into Romanian.

Stela Lie


She is the founder of the Illustrators' Club

and a lifelong drawer and illustrator.

She is an Associate Professor at the National University of Arts in Bucharest.


You can find more about the Illustrator's Club here.

You can follow her work on her blog.

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Diana Rotaru


She is one of the most visible young Romanian composers.
Born in Bucharest, in 1981, Diana Rotaru has written over 50 works, from chamber and orchestral music to multimedia shows and film soundtracks.

Her music explores different expressive directions, such as hypnagogia or pre-oneiric aesthetics, feminine psyche and subtle eroticism or imaginary folklore. She has also been active as a promoter of new music in Romania, being the artistic director of SonoMania new music ensemble, co-artistic director of InnerSound International New Arts Festival and the main 

coordinator of the Romanian Music Information Center (CIMRO). 

She has worked with the SeduCânt synchretic group in various multimedia projects. She is currently teaching at the National University of Music in Bucharest (Composition and Compositional Practice, Music Anaysis).

She has won numerous prizes, among which the Romanian Academy’s George Enescu Award (2010), the ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award (World Music Days, Vilnius, 2008), the Irino Prize (Japan, 2004) or the George Enescu Prize ex-aequo (Romania, 2003 and 2005). Her works have been comissioned by Ensemble XXI (Dijon), Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Pärlor för svin, Ernst von Siemens Foundation, Takefu International Music Festival, etc.


You can find more about her on her website.

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Loredana Brumă

Having an educational training in architecture, Loredana has focused her attention in the past time on integrating arhitectural heritage in the process of urban development. Her professional profile is marked by various creative experiments meant to answer as clearly and completely as possible to the questions of “HOW?” and “WHY?” that emerge from the production of contemporary architecture, the social aspects involved and the multidisciplinarity in the sustainable growth of the rural and urban communities.

Her interest in the architectural heritage started to show 9 years ago, with the launching of the research project 

“Case care Plâng / Weeping Houses”. Her educational background was consolidated in ENSA Paris – Belleville, where she studied during 2 years the 20th century heritage inside of a DSA like specialization program. As an architect, she mainly confronted extended projects working for Lauster & Radu Architects office in Bucharest, or LAN Architecture, in Paris.

Her preoccupation with photography has led to some documentation projects such as Bucharest, the little Paris?, for which she received a creation residence within ICR Paris that drove her to a series of international collaborations such as the one with the Parisian Architecture Bureau Encore Heureux, in the 7th edition of SurExpositions, in Timișoara or with the team that represented Romania at the 14th edition of the Architecture Biennale in Venice.

To create a common field for this hybrid foundation, in 2014 she founded the Let’s Think Studio Lab, a workroom for creative experiments, based on multidisciplinary approach, hystorical documentation and social analysis. The same year, Forbes Romania has included her name in the Top 30 under 30, and TVR has dedicated her an episode in the show The Path to Success.

You can find more about her projects on Rhabillage Association's website,  Loredana's NGO.

Liviu Ornea


He is a lifelong mathematician, researcher and professor.

You can find more about his career by clicking on the link below:


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Andreea Mihaiu

Andreea Mihaiu is a graphic designer. Since 2014, she is developing, alongside Mihai Popescu and Andra Pavel, the GRAPHO_MAT studio (for design, manual bookbinding, stationery and silkscreen printing).

After graduating from the Graphic Design department of the National University of Art Bucharest, Andreea worked for a while in advertising. After completing this chapter of her life, she started the GRAPHO_MAT studio where she is still working each day binding books, creating visual identities, printing paper, drawing, folding together with her two hyperactive colleagues.

She participated twice at the Most Beautiful Books contest in Romania (2012-2014)and won the Prize for Young Designer and for typographic experiment. This year, she is placed currently among the other 40 finalists with the book Atelier Street Delivery.

Matei Câlția

Born on May 25th, 1977, Matei Câlția is the curator and director of the Possible Gallery in Bucharest.
He graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest with a diploma in Painting.
In 2001 he initiated an art gallery project named deINTERESE, and two years later, in the same place, he started the Possible Gallery.​

He has been the Possible Gallery’s director since the year 2003. He has worked with well-known Romanian artist such as: Anca Benera, Matei Bejenaru, Irina Botea, Ştefan Câlţia, Ion Dumitriu, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Ion Grigorescu, Gili Mocanu, Dan Perjovschi, Roman Tolici as well as with theoreticians and curators such as:

Vladimir Bulat, Oana Tănase and Ştefan Tiron, invited to be part of the Gallery’s projects.

The curatorial activity has been doubled by an editorial one. The books that he contributed to as a redactor, editor and/or publisher: INV 0028-0955 (2004), Detaliu - Ștefan Câlția (2004),Desene Recente - Roman Tolici (2006), Situaţii, Matei Bejenaru (2007), Steampunk Autochrome, Nicu Ilfoveanu (2007), Petite Histoire (2009), Ștefan Câlția. Locuri, (2014), Nu-mi place numai marea, dar și muntele! (2014). He also played a major role in publishing author books and object books:
Groapa de gunoi, Ion Dumitriu (2007), Bucureşti, Bruxelles, Chişinău, Dan Perjovschi (2008), Ştefan Câlţia - Desene pentru Herina (2008) , I II III IV V VI VII povești cu Ștefan Câlția (2013).

In 2014 he won ex aequo the prize for the best publication at the Bun De Tipar Gala (Good for Printing Gala) for the book I II III IV V VI VII povești cu Ștefan Câlția (2013) (I II III IV V VI VII stories with Ștefan Câlția (2013).

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Vlad Ilicevici

Vlad is a film director, film producer and, he recently started his own rock band.
Since 2008 he has been the leader of the Anim'est Festival team. In 2011 he initiated the Animation Worksheep educational platform for young Romanian and Moldavian animators, which has been developing constantly ever since, aiming to become Romania’s first animated film school.

After graduating from the Film Faculty, part of the National University of Drama and Cinematography in Bucharest in 2006, he filmed and directed an extreme sports TV show (2007 – DNX Miorița Extremă), TV commercials, corporate films, a short movie for children

(2008, Code Red) and a documentary (co-directed and co-produced with Andrei Tănase) about the young kite-runners who live and play on the walls of Ankara’s citadel (2009-2010 - Kings of the Castle). This documentary is filmed partially with a mobile phone, this being Vlad’s favorite part of the movie, since the kids themselves have had the chance to film some parts of it and show their personal view of Ankara’s world. 

Currently he is producing and directing TV commercials and corporate films, he is working on a documentary project started in Kosovo, in 2011, about the segregated European cities, and also he is developing two short animated films for which he plays the role of co-director, co-writer and co-producer.
Also, he is working on maybe the most personal project yet, a rock album, alongside his friends and colleagues, Radu Pop and Andrei Tănase.