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Our trustworthy partners to whom we thank for standing by our side:

Support us

You can help us sustain our current projects and develop new ones, by kindly contributing

to our fund here:

IBAN: RO63BRDE445SV14161864450

Redirecting 2%

You can also help us by redirecting 2% of your anual income taxes, as follows:


1. The form needs to be filled in two separate copies, as following:
          a. Form 230 if in 2017 you registered earnings solely from salaries
          b. Form 200 if in 2017 you registered earnings from other revenue sources (salaries and independent activities or solely independent activities)


The information you need to fill in about our association is the following:

CIF: 34149865
IBAN: RO63BRDE445SV14161864450


2. The forms will be deposited at the Financial Administration / Administrația Financiară to which you belong:
          a. Deposit it directly at the Financial Administration
          b. Post it by priority-post


Important information:
1. Send the form in before the 25th of May, the current year.
2. Check the address of the Financial Administration you belong to (bear in mind that your

location is considered to be your ID card address)
3. Fill in the information in handwriting, clearly and with capital letters.
4. The 'Sum’ does not need to be filled in by you. The fiscal inspector will fill it in.


Thank you!


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