Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București

We met with mathematician, researcher and professor, Liviu Ornea at the Faculty of Mathematics in Bucharest.

The main topic was creativity in the wide field of mathemathics.

We enjoyed the stories about the discovery of

non-euclidian geometry and talked about how people from different parts of the world, in times with no internet or media, were struck by similar ideas, in the very same time period. 

Thinkering Meeting No. 2

We met with Stela Lie, the founder of the Illustrators' Club, and a lifelong drawer and illustrator.

We talked about arts, creativity and the problems illustrators in Romania face when wanting to self-publish a book of their own.
We also talked about artistic education, and the challanges it brings with it. About beautiful people and bright students.
A cup of black tea was also in order.

We hope we will meet her again.

Thinkering Meeting No. 1

Thinkering Meeting No. 3

On the 20th of March,  at 17:00, we are meeting composer Diana Rotaru, at the National University of Music in Bucharest.

On October 1st, we'll be waiting for you at The Ark, 150, Uranus Street, Bucharest, for Animation Shorts Night, for a journey into the animated worlds of Vlad Bota, Cristina Crișu, Roberta Curcă, Luminița Dumitrache, Claudia Ilea, Andreea Mitică, Florina Oprescu, Ruxandra Ioana Pană, Radu C. Pop, Ana Toma, Bogdan Topîrceanu and Andra Vlăsceanu. 


Animation Shorts Night @ The Ark, Bucharest