Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București



This project investigates problems of visual language, being a practical research of its elements, that I consider as a concept itself.

Initially, the project was going to be named “Sign”, but after some more pursuits I decided to call it: “Presences”. By using the term “sign” I refer to the freely drawn trace on a surface, this way looking for its values of artistic content. I don’t intend to present the conceptual values of the sign, but rather to illustrate it as a gestual attitude, pointing out the various tensions of the sign.

Visually, I meant to render certain dynamics, by expressing without any other intervention on the left trace.  

By “presence” , I actually refer to the identity of a sign, or to the search of a clear identity for a sign, which would therefore make it immediately recognisable.

Through this project, I adhere to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s language philosophy, but also to the echo of Expressionism’s values.

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