Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București



“Bestiary” is a work of identity, a retrospective search of the self heritage. It is a return to a time where the artistic gesture, as well as nature, didn’t have any foregoing sign in human conscience. The work attempts an act of mirroring, deciphering and appropriation of neolithic art on Romanian territory, more accurately on the Valley of Bistrita, whereas the objects used originate from the river bank in my home land. It’s a project that commenced unintendedly in my childhood through the wish to collect river stones, so as later it would persist as a form of quest, a search for nature, for land, an archaeological act transposed in visual form.

The bestiary is in fact a collection of organic objects transformed into objects with artistic aims. The stone, as background for the work is already a work of art itself, with particular chromatics, a shape, a texture and a consistency. My intervention is an assumed profane one; I am not looking for an enhacement of the stone, but I own it as part of my own identity, because this work is not just a pursuit of a mystical-artistic vision, but also a reflection of the self.


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