Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București

Asociația Fără Nume / The Unnamed Association is a Bucharest based non-governmental organization foundedin 2015 by a team of young artists, art historians and philosophers, its main focus being stimulating artistic and educational practices.

Our main goal is to make art accessible to the open public through creative education.

Through its various initiatives, Unnamed Association introduces unrepresented artists on the local contemporary art scene. Our goal is to create projects on questioning the abandoned industrial landscape, raising people’s awareness concerning the problems of rescuing heritage buildings, and also stimulating dialogue about human intervention on the environment.

Who are we?

His main interests are the Middle Ages and visual arts theory. He recieved a BA and an MA Degree in Art History and Theory at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, and a Pedagogy Degree. He is currently pusuingng his MA studies in Art History and Theory at the same university. Other interests include music, literature, movies, mountains and gothic studies.

The Team

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Mihail Mihnea

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Having a BA an MA Degree in Graphic Arts, and a Degree in Pedagogy, is currently pursuing his PhD studies in VIsual Arts at the National University
of Art Bucharest.

He is passionate about music and has a great interest

for science and nature.  

His core value is:

 ”Solely do the things you believe in.”

Bogdan Topîrceanu

Vlad Bota

Claudia Ilea recently received her MA degree in Graphic Arts at the National University of Arts, Bucharest and is currently exploring new mediums to express her thoughts about people, nature, science and society. She started with drawings using anything from pens, pencils, ink to charcoal but then discovered engraving techniques of which she fell in love with. Yet, she joyfully embraces other mediums like installation and video, her latest passion being animation movies which she considers it “finally brings to life” some of her crazy ideas.


Claudia Ilea

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Vlad finished MA studies in Graphic Arts at the National University of Arts, Bucharest and has a BA degree in Sculpture. He always enjoys new mediums therefore he talks about human’s influence on society through his photography, sculpture, installation and he also makes experimental animation.

Title. Double click me.

Andra Vlăsceanu

Andra Vlăsceanu received an MA Degree in Graphic Arts

at the National University of Arts.

Currently she wants to experience as many techniques as possible, both traditional and digital but her main focus remain installations, painting and sculpture.

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The Team

She recently received her MA degree in Graphic Arts at the National University of Arts, Bucharest. Her recent work is based on reshaping realities and researching patterns. She shows a great interest in nature and its constant way of evolving; she is constantly driven by curiosity.

Ariana Hodorcă