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“Like all symbols, night displays a twofold aspect, that of a shadowy world of the brooding future, and that of the prelude to daylight, when the light of life will shine forth. In mystical theology, night symbolizes the disappearance of all knowledge which may be defined, analyzed or expressed and, further still, the state of being deprived of all proof and psychological support.The obscurity of night corresponds to the wiping clean of the intellect, and its emptiness to the purifiation of memory.”

(Jean Chevalier, Dictionary of symbols)


My works are focused on what is accidental and marginal in the darkness of the night, sometimes lacking characters, objects or actions that would ease the understanding of the image. There are scenes that contain just a fragment of the objects that compose the setting, with the intention to emphasize the fact that the subject is beyond them; from this point the characters start to “project” themselves in that space. The imagination of the viewer is the one I’m interested in as he is the only one who can complete the image and make up the story. There is no direct narrative, this only originates inside the viewer, because a lot of people connect with the image by means of affective memory.