Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București

The workshop will explore the mediums of cinematography as an interdisciplinary resource for alternative education. Cretivity, original thinking, and emotional intelligence are just some of the individual traits that the workshop will emphasize. Through games, creation and cultural references (visual arts, film and literature) the participants will be encouraged to discover their inner world.

Man has shown a predisposition of leaving his marks in the world from it's early start as a species in prehistoric times. As time went by the techniques of making his marks, wheter they appeared as shapes, language, and further on, as art, have evolved, as well as his needs and his ways of thinking.

Thus, man in the attempt of imprinting his individuality in it's surroundings is actually searching for himself, is searching for a means of understanding his meaning in the world. 

By the means of the analog printmaking workshop we are bringing forward a series of classical and experimental ways of etching, engraving, and image transfer in order to bring into light a creative way of self-perception.

We're expecting you on the 3rd of September to leave your own marks!