Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București



Calup is an urban regeneration project whose main purpose is to support the creative industry and the socially responsible affairs in developing sustainable and alternate projects in order to reactivate disused spaces in town.

“Ever since we started, we had in mind to highlight the cultural and business potential of the disused spaces by organizing pop-up events that would demonstrate viable and sustainable development answers for  the hosting spaces. Depending on the features of each of the properties, the temporary reactivation can reflect a possible function for the hosting building, placing in a new light its spaces and worthful details. With each event, we had the chance to act as a platform for artists and designers, creating an active and clever chain of professionals.

Calup.ro intends to map the disused spaces in Bucharest in order to achieve a data base, with the goal of facilitating their reactivation through projects and cutting-edge ideas that will highlight both their importance to the community, and their economic and cultural potential.”


Having a BA and an MA Degree in Graphic Arts and a Degree in Pedagogy,  Bogdan is currently pursuing his PhD studies in Visual 

Arts at the National University of Art Bucharest.
His works explore the boundaries between man, one's self, nature and drawing.
He is a founding member of the Unnamed Association and Art Factory Project Manager. 

He is passionate about music and has a great interest for science and nature.  

His core value is:

 ”Solely do the things you believe in.”