Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București


Open Doors Travel invites you to a tour in the former INdustrial Area of PAntelimon district in Bucharest.

They like to open doors – either they’re new perspectives or new challenges! Open Doors are the tourism agency that introduced the first alternative tours of Bucharest and they want to pursue discovering the real city that lies beneath daily appearances.The alternative guided tours from Art Factory festival will lead the public to discover the history and the value of the areas in which the festival has integrated, in order to understand the context and the impact of the transformations in people’s lives.

In the alternative tours we are going to pursue the following: Discover and problematize the industrial abandoned landscape, urban art interventions, the changing urban context with its rights and wrongs, forgotten histories and curiosities.
Open Doors Travel is a team made of guides and urbanists, curious and passionate about: a city for people, urban exploration, history, present and future.


Travel Outside the Box!