Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 35, Sector 1, București



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“Art Factory” is an event intended to raise awareness regarding the destiny of patrimony edifices left at the mercy of time and the abandoned industrial spaces.

It is part of our “Nomad Gallery" project.


Through the “Art Factory” project we seek to (re)activate abandoned sites by organizing cultural events meant to reinstate or temporarily revive these passive spaces that are certainly at risk of disappearing.


To conclude, we've  set up the 2015 edition of the “Art Factory” contemporary art festival in the industrial zone of Pantelimon, Bucharest, where 13 young visual artists were invited to exhibit their works of art.

The core idea of the exhibition was: ”Man's traces in its surroundings"; by surroundings we understand nature, the others and one's self.

The artists present were: Amalia Dulhan, Andra Vlăsceanu, Bogdan Topîrceanu, Claudia Ilea, Vlad Bota, Cristina Crișu, Cătălina Vasilescu, Dragoș Serafim, Diana Blaga, Emanuela Voinescu, Roberta Curcă, 

Alina Anca and Răzvan Pascu.





Joint project - 2015
Ilea Claudia, Andra Vlăsceanu, Vlad Bota, Bogdan Topîrceanu

Concept: Bogdan Topîrceanu

Projection mapping: Aural Eye (Alina Anca, Răzvan Pascu & Daniel Bega)

Sound: Wild Draft

"The clock must have been an attempt of taking the pulse into possession. 
Of objectivation. "Oh, you're over there, you're a clock, you are no longer inside of me. I don't need to worry about you anymore."
But that is precisely why we arrived to the comfort of wasting the pulse. Because we have disassociated this inner time from ourselves.
The outer time is equal for everybody, whilst our heartbeats are not. 
They have different rhythms,intensities, and in the end, a different number of finite beats from one person to the other. And that is something that time will never have. It is immutable and infinite. The only common thing left between the two is that both of them shall come to an end the instant the last heartbeat has grown dim. Time as we know it shall fade together with the pulse.”