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It’s the sweetness of the discreet sound produced by your heart when it’s splitting just like the icicles on the first day of sun.

Chagrin (fr.) : grief, bitterness

(having a) Chagrin d’amour : to have a broken heart.

“Noir Chagrin” is the multitude of manifestations that belong to an aesthetics which explores very specifically the emotional-cognitive side of experiencing the bittersweet pain caused by a broken heart, a pleasurable pain that lets you know that you feel, you desire, you exist. It is a selective incarnation of the conflict between keeping and ruining that lies in what can be identified as an unrelated to time or space bubble - the self can neither move ahead (for the moment) nor back (only by means of an altering remembering).

By accesing and intentionally exploring this incidental state, the purpose of my artistic approach is to extend the spectrum of human experiences back to the contemplation of humanity through art as means of knowing and evolving by the act of the aesthetic experience.


(lat.) : vanity, self love

The project pursues the immortalization of a shot specific for the subjective time dwelled by the artist in these decades of the third millenium, focusing on a symbolic character represented by a young girl, exponent of an urban and suburban west culture, part of a generation that encompasses diverse social groups, having various social-economic statuses. The female character is not portrayed through her usual individual traits (portrait and human expressiveness), but she is shown as a costume of the period or an armature by means of making an inventory of the decorative and functional elements through which the subject expresses her adherence to a certain type of culture, inspired or part of the skateboard culture with its origins in the 70’s.

The project aspires to centre and to extract an aesthetics specific to this phenomenon, using a fictional symbol map or one inspired by the skateboarder-girls culture, making use of the digital media and information already present online, from the professional or artistic one to the “amateur”.